We are thrilled that everyone who purchases from Luna & Fauna, knows they are getting a unique piece!

Before I created Luna & Fauna, I was your average college grad scrambling to find employment.  I began looking to embrace my creative side in the mean time. I wanted to hone in on my creativity and bring gorgeous products to like minded people.

Like any small business, there were bumps in the road towards creating Luna & Fauna. But I knew I couldn’t give up!
Friends and family continued to encourage me as I dabbled deeper in my passion for pottery.

I began to brainstorm ideas. I wanted to create art, first and foremost, yet I wanted my pieces to serve a purpose…

I decided to create a functional and artistic ceramic line for the art aficionado’s  and the thoughtful gift-givers of the world.

As it turns out, designing and building each piece soothes the soul and quiets the symptoms of my PTSD. Centering clay on the pottery wheel, pulling the walls, and smoothing surfaces is like a meditation for me. Sculpting intricate details is like a line of a mantra quieting my mind in midst of a hectic life.

Through self teaching and the up’s and down’s, we released our first products and the response has been nothing but pure love from everyone who sees our product line.

Luna & Fauna is dedicated to creating meaningful pieces for the free spirited. I hope my mugs radiate a soothing energy to my customers as they enjoy a fresh brew, just as it heals as I create them.

We hope you enjoy our products years to come ♥